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  Hide Window Hotkey 4.0

   Platform: Windows 9x/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10/11


   Hide Window Hotkey is a utility which allows you to hide windows application, and hide programs which are running on your screen. It will instantly hide or close all (or some) programs on your screen through Mouse Hotkey or Keyboard Hotkey in order to prevent uninvited persons from seeing them. It will serve you well at your work place or at home. By hiding windows you have the freedom to protect your privacy and hide sensitive information from praying eyes. For example, you hide some selected programs by pressing hotkey. At a later time you will be able to return all hidden windows back to the desktop and continue your work. And you also can close those hidden windows through another hotkey. You can also hide the current window through a hotkey.

    Automatically manages any window you specify. For instance, some web browsers open up in a non-maximized window. Using Hide Window Key, you can set those windows to automatically maximize (minimize, normal, minimize to tray, stay on top) every time they're opened. It works with almost any program, including web browsers, Notepad, etc. Hide Window Hotkey stays running in the system tray, so it stays out of your way while it works.

   It can also protect the hidden windows with a password. You can set other options too, such as muting all sounds during hiding, specifying hotkeys etc. Reorder and arrange the windows on taskbar based on your choice. Makes the desired window transparent. Transparency varies from 0% (opaque) to 100% (transparent): the larger is the value, the more transparent the window is. Show window property of application, such as window handle, class name, process id etc. Hide Window Hotkey also could hide taskbar and hide desktop icons.


Key Features:
Hide any application window completely through Mouse Hotkey or Keyboard Hotkey.
• Arrange the windows on taskbar based on your choice.
• Quiet all sounds when hide program windows.
• Password protect hidden windows.
Automatically maximize or minimize or normal all new windows you specify.
Automatically minimize all new windows you specify to system tray.
Minimize the current window to system tray.
Show window property of application, such as window handle, class name, process id etc.
Hide taskbar, hide desktop icons.
Apply transparency effect from 0% (fully transparent) to 100% (solid) rate to any program in Windows 2000/XP/2003.
• Customizable hot keys.
• Automatically select newly created windows.


     Hide Window Hotkey is FREEWARE, for commercial and not commercial use. Anyway we will appreciate contributions: we will use collected money to finance new development of Hide Window Hotkey. After donating, a registration code would email to you. Your contributions will help us to develop new features and support the software. Thanks for your help.



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